Locking it up: three down….

Posted in Uncategorized on September 20, 2013 by thebiggestmanintheworld

The news broke a couple of days ago, and now that it’s official, I suppose I can come out and say just how thrilled I am with the Nuge’s new contract. With one year remaining on his entry-level deal, the Oilers decided to sign the remaining member of their top line long-term. Seven years at six million per makes the Burnaby Boy a rich kid, and this Oilers fan very happy.

If I were GM, and one day, you never know…, I would have been looking for a loophole to sign him for ten years. Damn the injury concerns, this kid is a potential Selke nominee, and a legit first line center already. His line mates will be quality, even if he doesn’t play with Hall and Ebs. The kid can thread a pass through sticks and legs like nobody’s business, and will only get better. He’s only twenty years old for crying out loud!

This basically continues the only good work Steve Tambellinni did other than build the farm team up. The Hall contract is just magnificent, only bested by the insane Tavares contract (Snow bought himself a few more years with that one), and I think the Eberle deal is just fine. I’m not worried about unsustainable percentages and such. Now with the Nuge deal, all three contracts will come up for renewal, staggered one year after another. Smart. The Radish strikes, AGAIN! As an Oilers fan, I can’t say how nice it is to see things being done right and in a timely fashion.

The only downfall? Injury, and how it impacts Yakupov and Schultz Jr, I suppose. The injury is concerning, however, I know a few twenty year old who have bounced back from worse, and they weren’t elite athletes. Now-a-days, the chance he comes back even stronger is actually a possibility ( i.e.: Adrian Peterson). I also believe Yakupov will be a steal at 6 million a year. I also think he takes the “home-town” deal, just because Nail Yakupov is the most awesome player to grace the city since….well, you know. Schultz Jr. will be the one to watch. His offence is top-notch. His defense? Not so much. Not worth 6 a year, even with his points. We can cross that bridge when we get there, though.

Right now, I’m having fun dreaming of our soon to be best line in the NHL destroying the league for years to come…”and finishing 1-2-3 in league scoring for the third year in a row,”… Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

Sam Gagner-the Next Captain?…

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Word on the interwebs this morning is there is a new captain in town. His name? Sam Gagne. Oh, sorry, that’s Gagner. Whoops:) If true, and its repeatedly been called a rumour, it would make Gagner the 14th captain in franchise history. An odd time for the choice to be made, seeing as we have a new GM, new head coach, and we haven’t had training camp start yet. Either way, enough people are mentioning it, and I think it holds water. And here I was prepping a C for a #4 jersey…

I don’t think this is a terrible move. Gagner is young enough to talk to the kids without sounding like their dad, and is veteran enough to have the respect of the elders. You could say, this is more of a team move than giving the C to Hall or Eberle. Those two will more than likely have A’s on their chest, home or away, sharing duties with one of Smid and Ference. Fairly balanced, actually. The Radish strikes again! What a guy……


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