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That’s more like it…

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Oh baby! That is what we were promised what seems like eons ago….firewagon hockey, or at least, the evolution of the Oilers brand of it. Always falling behind, but clawing back, goalie changes, dangles, tic-tac-toes, and a pretty entertaining tilt makes for a great game. For a fan, anyway. Ralph might not like it, but two points is two points.

Reprts on twitter (via Ryan Rishaug) say Krugeur sat Hall early in third for some turnovers/sloppy play. Hall owned it, and had a strong end to the game. I didn’t really notice the benching, which, to me, is a great coaching move. A direct message to the player, and an immediate response.I love it. I could care less about Ralph’s line matching abilities. He is shaping these kids to be great hockey players. Speaking of great hockey players….

ImageMagnus scores again! This kid is a beauty! And it looks like his goals are starting to all come from the same spot…..and that drive he made on the GWG of Hemsky’s is one of those overlooked plays, but he gets it. Totally gets it now. He has accepted and embraced the fact he has to go to the net, period. This kid is a 2LW in the making people. Fun to watch.

Okay Dubnyk. This is it. Anytime you want to live up to that contract, feel free….Your chance to prove a lot of critics wrong is right here. Take it already…..

Some of those goals were….spectacular. Eberle’s was sublime, that Yakupov pass was electric and Hemsky? He’s a bad, bad man. If this core ever gets it going at the same time….holy macaroni, the league better look out. Our defence is still just putrid, but, hey, if you can score 4-6 goals every night, you have a chance….Image

Three points back? Quit playing with my heart Oilers…..


Nice knowing ya…….

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The Flames have traded Jerome Iginla. In return, the Flames receive a 1st round pick, and the rights to college prospects Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski. I’ll say I’m a little underwhelmed by the return. I would bet a box of doughnuts that Feaster wanted that Boston deal, but if Iggy said Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh it is…………

The BOA should get a little easier for us now, but I am sad to see an era like this come to an end like this.Jay Feaster will probably not have a job in the near future, but will shape the Flames for years to come this season. If there ever was a time to shitkick the Flames, Mondays game is it.

So long Jerome. I appreciated all you did in your career as a Flame and wish you the best in Pittsburgh  Go get that Cup.

Nice knowing ya…..