Another hat in an already too crowded ring…….

If the world needed one more thing, its definitely another hockey blog…..

Twenty years of rooting for Copper and Blue can do some crazy things to your brain. Start a blog? Sounds like a great idea…..

The interwebs are starting to get crowded with dirty words like Corsi and Fenwick. How dare the eggheads ruin the simple pleasure of dump and chase? Its almost as sacrilegious as women at Augusta. Another “saw ’em good” blog is what we need…..

But following what might be the most frustrating teams in recent history is a fickle game….if not for advanced stats, the suicide rates in Edmonton may hover towards genocidal proportions. TVs have been flying into repair shops with remotes sticking out of the glass for almost a decade now…… somethings got to give

I’ll toss my hat into this already over crowed ring.

Why not?


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