Oilers v Avalanche

Are the Oilers ever coming home? The road weary boys slide into Denever for a division battle with the ever improving Av’s tonight. Matt Duchene has been licking his chops all day…….

I gotta say, I liked what I saw on Sunday, regardless of the fact that the Oilers still almost managed to choke away a four goal lead….If the Oilers have to score 3-4 goals and then hang on for dear life, so be it. I’d rather win or lose like that than lose like we did in Nashville. Get the wagons hitched Ma, we’re going for a ride!

Now, being a division game and all, both teams should be playing tight hockey. I wouldn’t expect 11 goals like last Sunday, but the Oilers are tougher to read than ATM braile, so who knows. They are at their best when they let it go, but a lot of teams are built to stop that. We win depending on what kind of game the Av’s play.

I’d put money that Gagner gets a point. Not just because he is the Oiler’s offence, but he eats Colorado for second breakfast. The hobbits like the thin air, me thinks. If the Captain tallies again, and the Oilers win, does it mean that Horcoff is the engine that drives this team? I fucking hope not……good player, but could one of these kids grab this team by the throat already? Taylor Hall? Hello?

Matt Duchene will be a huge factor. The other teams best players always toy with the Oilers. I’ll be watching O’Reilly too. I heard somewhere he has franchise potential……uh, yeah…….

Prediction?-Oilers 3- Avs 2 in a shootout.

Kruger’s legend grow when he picks RNH, Horcoff and Brown for the shootout, and it works. Eberle stares into space blankly…..


Let’s go Oilers. 


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