Oiler v Red Wings

Fuck the Red Wings. No really. Fuck them.

Datsyuk hasn’t scored in 11 games. Zetterberg has gone even longer. Guess who’s hitting the score sheet tonight?

Every time the Oilers play a team, the best players/former Oilers/slumping players always score. With that in mind, Datsyuk and Zetterberg should be good for 2 points a piece…….plus, they lost to Calgary, and their starting goalie is nice and rested. Awesome.

Last game, I called a gagner point(nailed it!) and wondered aloud about Horcoff. He scored and this team looks like a team again. I like Horcoff, but don’t like the fact he still runs the engine of this team. Taylor Hall should be prying this team away from Horcoff forcefully. Fuck the “respect your elders”. I think Hall is trying to be diplomatic here, with all the rumours of the divided locker room, but it’s his team. If everybody doesn’t know that, they should. And soon.

The Oilers always play Detroit tough, but the first game back from a road trip is usually a let down. Hopefully, the Oil use the momentum from their last two games to put in a decent effort tonight. Detroit is on the second of a back-to-back. Take advantage while you can boys….

Predictions? Red Wings 3-Oilers 4.

Hall with two points and the soon to be prized UFA Laddy Smid chips in a goal too. Dubnyk is the star, however, with a standout 35+ save performance.

Let’s go Oilers…….


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