Oh the agony…..

That hurts. No two ways about it, that is a demoralizing loss. Tomorrow night, the Oilers get to show the home fans what they’re made of. The team that literally put them over their knee and spanked them just over a week ago rolls into Rexall tomorrow night. If the Oilers have ever had a chance to “make a statement” this season, this is it. Go out and leave it all on the ice, and they can honestly tell themselves they’ve turned a corner. Go out and shit the bed? It’s a slow death for Seth, I guess….. 

I’d like to find an eloquent way to express my feelings for the officiating in Friday nights game. But I can’t, so, fuck you refs. Fuck you and the horses you rode in on. I am so sick of Detroit’s reputation….I have been watching them get away with blatant penalties for way too long. In the 90’s, the Wings picked more than a college basketball team. Not a lot has seemed to change since. If Zetterberg ever needs a side job, I would suggest steer wrestling. Some of the take downs I saw last night might have scored points in a UFC match, let alone constitute a two minute penalty. But we lost, so what does it matter now anyway…..

Sam Gagner is really  fucking with the plans of Oiler management. I think they signed that one year deal hoping either, a) the season was going to be cancelled completely, or b)the notoriously slow starter would post sub par numbers in a shortened season and would be able to be signed at a bargain. Either way, he’s going to cost a fortune. If someone offer sheets him, do you take the picks and run? Tough call….

Ladislav Smid is a player i want to keep. but not overpay….3.5 a year is the max I would give him. I would probably give up term, though. He should play 1000 games , barring injury, so I don’t see him deprecating that much through a long contract. If anything, he should get better.

I haven’t heard yet. Is Ryan Whitney still getting traded? Surprising what a few decent ( and I use the term loosely) games will do for you. I hope he plays his way to a decent value. If we can get anything for him, I’ll consider it a win.

UFC tonight. I am not a fan of GSP, but i dislike Diaz even more. I hope George can try and finish a fight. I thought the Koschek fight was the one to put someone’s lights out, but this is it. Shut that dumb fucker up Rush…..GSP with the 3rd round KO…….ya right…..GSP with the decision……..


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