Carry the one…..

There has been a lot of playoff speculation lately. With last nights win, the Oilers sit two points out of eighth, and four points out of the division lead. I think that means somebody could safely say the Oilers are in the playoff race as of now. That’s something, right? Not if you have a calculator and know how to use it…….

I have read people’s simplification of the Oiler’s chances; two points out, a game in hand, etc. I have also read people’s complications of the Oiler’s playoff chances; only have a 15.27% chance, if Minnesota wins it drops to 12.64%, etc. etc.

I don’t hate advanced stats at all. I don’t value them like some, but I appreciate the passion it takes for collecting them, and how it has changed people impression of the game. I believe it brings a whole new segment of fans and really, used right, gives a new perspective on the game, systems and players. However……..

Breaking down the playoff chances like some, is too much. A 15.645% or whatever hell number your calculator spit out is wrong. No matter how right it is. Remember that. 

This is sports.Playoff races do not need numbers with decimal points attached to percent signs. That does nothing to help the game, and, IMO, makes the stats guys who use it look bad. Nobody wants to look at the standings and think, “Well, we’re boned. Only have a 15% chance.” Simplify, man. Don’t dangle at the blue line and complicate things. Dump it in. We’re two points out…….

Now, the Oilers have two days off. A lot of hockey being played which means the Oilers will be 2 or more back come the 20th when we play the Sharks. That being said, all the Oil can do is focus on winning the next game. I understand Oiler fans are probably used to getting their draft rankings in order this time of year, but look up, and enjoy the standings for what they actually say. Two points out……

Don’t carry the one…..


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