Oilers v Predators: …this elevator only goes to the basement. and someone made an awful mess down there…

The Oilers are ready to fall off the edge. The elevator shaft is comfortable territory for them. The cliche quotes are out in droves. The mouthpieces are blasting the fans, defending the product. All is on schedule for Oiler management…..the Oiler way.

Danny DeKayser is a huge FA defenceman hitting the open market. College FA’s have been an increasingly popular trend the last couple years. The Oilers got a taste with the signing of J Schultz and obvioulsy liked it. Is that the reason they have dragged their feet on the Smid talks? This management team is proving worse and worse as time goes on….

Time to admit I was totally wrong on the Gilbert-N Schultz trade. I always liked Gilbert, and never had a problem with him on my team, but thought what we were getting back in Schultz was a little better than advertised. It obviously wasn’t. It doesn’t even look like he can handle third pairing, soft zone starts anymore. Nick Schultz and Ryan Smyth are perfect examples of how the game just leaves some behind. Fletcher took Tambo behind the woodshed on that one*.

Eric Belanger is terrible. A buy-out is pointless, but why are we wasting a roster spot on this guy? He is painful to watch, and putting Nail Yakupov anywhere near him is a stupid, stupid move.**

Hearing the PBP guys and Don Cherry sing the praises of Ryan Jones makes me wonder what exactly they are watching. This guy is a train wreck in his own zone. He is the perfect example of how hustle and heart will get you somewhere in hockey, in spite of obvious faults. Somewhere in Switzerland, Linus Omark is shaking his head……

Can someone turn down Khabibulin’s pads? I can’t recall a goalie who kicks out bigger rebounds. I read somewhere he has his pads custom done, so they are super tight/hard. Psssst…..it doesn’t seem to be helping….

This is the perfect game for the Oilers to give up on…..so I expect it to happen. The loser mentality is ripe on this team, and I don’t know if Hall can break it himself. Hopefully the Nuge brings some sunshine…..

Lets go Oilers…..


* if Tom Gilbert asked for a trade, and Tambellinni accommodated him, it softens my feelings on the deal. Its hard to get anything for a guy that wants to go, and a good GM does it quietly.I have no idea if that’s true, but have heard it out there.

**if Ralph Kruger is playing Yakupov with Belanger to prove a point to management, okay. Keep it short, but even still, those doughheads aren’t going to get it……twenty years of wandering the deserts says so….


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