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Playoff Pools: Let the Madness Begin!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 29, 2013 by thebiggestmanintheworld

Oh, what a time to be a hockey fan. The first week of the playoffs is almost too much to handle. Two or three super intense games every single night. Hell yeah, son! And what always makes sports more exciting? Gambling, of course! 

This year, we had an even ten entries. A little lower of a turnout than we usually have, but still a good number. The tension before a draft is awesome. I could only imagine what a head scout feels before a real draft. Those guys have their jobs on the line, not just bragging rights. A few beers and some small talk/physiological warfare just amps up the electricity. The numbers were ready, the draws made. I pick…..9th. D’oh! At least my second round pick will be high~

First round stuck to the script most people would think. Penguins and Blackhawks dominate the first half of the round. Crosby 1, Toews, Kane 2-3, and Neal, Malkin 4-5. Getzlaf went 6. Then, Nash goes 7. Okay, I’m rattled. NYR was one of my picks heading in. I thought I would have a pretty good shot at Nash, but no go. Kopitar goes 8, and now, I’m on the clock. Keep it together, man! I have no idea were I got the idea to go with Datsyuk, but I take him at 9. Ovechkin and Backstrom go 10-11 and I seal my fate with cheering for the Wings with Zetterburg at 12. Not the start I had envisioned, but the board has a funny way of shaking out. I ended up with 4 Red Wings, 4 Rangers and 2 Islanders. The Senator-Bruins game was not over when we made our picks, so I didn’t know if NYI played Pitt or Bos, but Tavares and Moulson should get points win or lose their first round series. Det has a good shot at knocking off Ana and NYR look a lot like the Kings of last year. I like my odds.

Every team had a player picked. Some a few more than others, might be an understatement….


Chicago/New York-9



San Jose/Detroit/Washington-6


St. Louis/New York Islanders-2


The next few weeks are going to be great. My wife is already rolling her eyes every time the playoff commercials come on. Beer sale look to increase by about 30-40%. Good luck boys…





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And its official. The Oilers are out of the playoffs. A lot of people realized this a few weeks ago, but at least now, even the most optimistic fan can’t give you a percent or senario that get the Oil into the dance. Along with that, comes yesterdays news that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will miss the rest of the season and have surgery on his shoulder. Given the fact that every Oiler player and prospect has had (or will end up having) some kind of shouolder surgery, this isn’t a huge surprise. Given the fact that management has been called out by former players for being rushed back from injuries, the timing isn’t a huge surprise either. There’s so many things wrong with the situation, I’m not even sure where to start…

I think a lot of people in Edmonton owe Sheldon Souray an apology. Its become pretty obvious that he wasn’t just being a super big dick when he went to Marc Spector and called out the Oilers Dream Team for rushing him through an injury. Since then, it hasn’t looked like its got much better. Seems like making the playoffs was a big enough deal to keep RNH in the lineup this long, effictely taking him out of the first few months of next season, but it wasn’t a big enough deal when Horcoff got hurt and we didn’t do anything to help the situation? Doesn’t look like anybody really knows what the plan is here…..

Seems like losing for the last decade or so has warped some Oilers’ fans perception of reality. Some think our first round pick (if a center) will come in and play next year. Couple that with moving Hall to center, and our center depth problems are no more! Even with RNH at 100%, our cneter depth has top be bottom 5 in the league. A rookie and a player out of position are just oing to make thing worse. For the record, I don’t think Hall will ever be a decent NHL center. Elite LW, yes. C, not so much……

I’ll just say one thing about the move to make Craig MacTavish new GM. Right or wrong, the Oilers always end up with egg on their face. Good move? Maybe. Kevin Lowe sure made it look like a bad one….

On that note, Kevin Lowe has sealed his fate. I don’t think it matters if we win or lose. This hockey team was built on the backs of some great fans. Twenty years of sucking the hind banana, and the building still sells out. The waiting list is still thousands deep. And then the president of the team basically slaps the fans in the face. I understand the business logistics to his statement, but is their anyone in his position in business that would make a PR mistake like that? A man in his position should be able to say what he meant to say, without crippling his position like he did. A shame really. Lowe the player would have taken someone who talked to the fans like that behind the woodshed. How far he has fallen…..

*Ovechkin’s washed up, right? Right? Or is 30+ goals in 48 games okay? I’m not sure what to make of this guy 🙂

*Columbus in, Detroit out? Gimme a hell yeah! With all due respect to Mr. Illitch, fuck the Detroit Red Wings. Still a couple games left, but I am rooting for the Jackets big time. I hope they make the dance, the Ranger’s miss, and they get a lotto pick with NYR’s 1st from the Nash trade. 

*Come on Jets! I want to hear the MTS Center in the playoffs. Great races in both conferences. Love the stretch drive.

*Is there any better time of year than the first round of the playoffs? Two or three super intense hockey games EVERY night! Arrrg! Could the Oilers try and make it there at least once in my kids lifetime???

Oilers play the Ducks again, and I don’t think the effort is going to be any better. I suspect we see Petry floating back to the net a few more times this season…..what a joke on the second goal last night. Check the play and watch the effort 2 puts in as Smid is eating ice, trying to block a shot/pass. Pathetic.

Oiler 2-Ducks 5  Getzlaf with 3 points and Perry with the GWG. Boo bird sing the boys off the ice…

Let’s go Oil…..ah, whatever….