So, yeah….playoffs, eh?

When i started a blog, i thought I would be able to write at least once a day. I mean, i have a lot of time on my hands, plenty of ideas, and a computer. That should be enough, right? Apparently not. About a week goes by, and between work, the kids and the wife, I have zero written down, and really, not a lot on my mind. Then I turn on NHL Network, and……….

Take a look at the West standings, and the date on your calender. Take a picture folks. This hasn’t been seen in quite some time; the Oilers are in a playoff race. The last time I wrote, the Oil had just come back against the hard working Blue Jackets. Well, they turned that into a little streak, with wins over Vancouver, and Calgary(x2). Exciting hockey too. Starting goalies getting yanked all over the place.This club is starting to resemble the Chicago Blackhawks team that barely missed the playoffs, and then found the gear they needed to take the next step. Even if this team doesn’t make the playoff, the steps they are taking right now are building the foundation of a  winning culture. Speaking of winning…Image

If I was GM of the Oilers in 2010, I don’t think I would have taken Taylor Hall. I would have been wrong. So wrong. I always said, I thought Hall would be a great player, maybe even elite, but I believed Tyler Seguin would be too. And he was a center. And he didn’t have a history of playing reckless. And blah, blah, blah……Wrong. I don’t watch Oil Change. I have, but i thought it was pretty scripted. I do, however, recall one of the first episodes, where they discuss the Taylor v Tyler debate, and bring up their attitudes. Basically, it was Hall’s desire to win, or at least show it, that got him the nod. A lot of people would say, just take the BPA (best player available)!! I wonder how Seguin would have fared floundering in Edmonton for a winter or two, instead of hoisting Stanley and smashing hotel rooms?

When I look at the last week or so, when the games count the most, I see a player taking this team and throwing them on his back like he should. Hopkins looks more comfortable, and Eberle looks like himself, and I think its all because of Taylor. This guy is a winner. And Yakupov? Cut from the same cloth…

When Nail gets a year or two under his belt, watch out. He looks like Hall on speed, if that’s possible. Even his passes have vapor trails. And he does not shy away from the rough stuff. I thought he was Russian? WTF? 

Devan Dubnyk looks like a starter. An actual starting goalie in Edmonton hasn’t been seen for a while. It looks good. A lot of people raised a brow or two when he got offered that contract of his, but it looks like money well spent so far. Goaltending has not been the problem in Edmonton.

Our defence is suspect. Smid and Petry are a nice second pair. Then there’s Justin Schultz. A year or two from “getting it”. Then a whole whack of 5,6, + 7’s. There is not a lot out there in FA this year. Is a draft day trade the only way to get that first pairing guy we need so desperately  Sure looks like it. Klefbom is no saviour…..

Speaking of saviours, I’d like to thank what’s his face for crippling my chances at my second pool tiltle in four years. As soon as Sydney Crosby went down, so did my chances of taking home the money. I’m still in the hunt, now tied for first as of today, but a growing lead had dwindled, all thanks to the absence of the best. Oh yeah, Bergeron being out helps a lot too:)At least we voted for paying out places this year, and my side bets are looking good so far as well. Love it….

*Did I say Ovechkin was coming down to human levels? Spoke too soon?

*Bye bye Ryan Miller. I can’t see him in Buffalo next year, but envision him in Toronto for some reason….he’ll love talking to those guys after a losing streak…

*James Reimer deserves better than being shipped out for any and every available goalie. This guys numbers are outstanding and he needs Luongo or Kipper to play behind? I don’t get it…

*So, Gaborik seems to be able to score just fine in Columbus. Torts act wears thin fast these days. Reminds me of Mike Keenan….

*Welcome Jarred Smitheson. Good pickup. I don’t get the angst over trading any pick past the third round. If a fourth round pick turns into Smitheson, its a success. Just skip the development and get the player for the pick. Sound good to me….

Crunch time. One point out. So agonizing, but so exciting. Lets go Oilers…because, yeah….



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