California Love…

Ah, the sandy beaches of SoCal. What a way to end a day in the life of an overpaid athelete. If getting paid to play hockey isn’t enough, some guys are lucky enough to live in spots that require sandals and shorts 365. What a life. No wonder Teemu wants to stay. Underneath the sand and sunsets rest a hockey road trip that scares the skates off a lot of teams. Be careful walking the beaches at night….

If there is a theme with these teams, one might look down the middle. Ryan Getzlaf, Anze Kopitar, and Joe Thornton are some big men. All skilled, point producing centers. A team with a first line center like any of those guys has a huge advantage. Not to mention skilled big men all throughout every line up, these teams are really what the Oilers should be matching against and building toward. Next year, these teams are division rivals. Lucky us, but at least we got rid of Minnesota…..

I wonder what other GM’s say about Tambellinni and Co. regarding Sheldon Souray? Souray is putting up points and has some decent Corsi numbers (that means he plays decent competion, holds his head above water in SF/SA(shots for/shots against), etc.). Pretty obvious he can play at the NHL level still. So, is what he said true? That looks pretty bad if it is. I understand having pride, but this was a total debacle from the start. Horrible PR, horrible assesst management, horrible everything…

Does Lowe kick himself every time he watches Corey Perry? He would look great with the kids right about now….How’s Comrie doing these days anyway?

So, Andrew Cogliano still has not missed a game in his career. Looks like a decent third line center who can move up in a pinch, does PK work and brings it every night. We couldn’t use that on the roster, he’s too small…how’s that second round pick doing? On pace for 1000 games yet? Didn’t think so….

Ryan Whitney is terrible….I get we wouldn’t have got a lot, but holy hell, what a waste of a roster spot. Should have dealt him. If this goes a little sideways, and Whitney gets scratched, he’s the type of guy who can sewer a locker room fast. His first pass be damned, he’s the last thing we need on and off the ice…

I hope the Ducks open it up a bit. The Kings play some Suter style hockey, which is about as exciting as his post game press conferences…zzzzzzzzzzz. Hers’s hoping we see some run and gun, but the book is out on the Oilers, so its probably up to the other teams to dictate pace in these games…

Prediction…..Oilers 5-Ducks 3………Hall with 1G, 2A and Magnus gets another too. Getzlaf, Perry and Souray for the Ducks….

come on Oilers……


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