Get your draft board ready…

Well, there it is. A lot later than normal, but the Oilers are out of the playoffs, barring an outright miracle. The Vancouver and LA games don’t surprise me that much. Van and LA play styles that don’t mesh well with Edmonton, and if on their game, the Oil don’t stand a chance. Anaheim, on the other hand…

The Ducks are a top seed in the West for a reason. A big, powerful team with skill and a good, mobile defence mixed with some stellar goaltending makes for good record, short season or not. That being said, the Oilers missed the oppourtunity to stay in the hunt. They effectively squashed any chance they had at the playoffs when they gave up both points. Coming off back-to-backs, and missing Getzlaf, the Ducks were ripe for the picking. The two points isn’t crucial for them. The Oilers?

I could understand losing to a team as good as the Ducks. But I don’t understand losing with that effort. Your season is on the line, and that’s how you play a 60 minute hockey game? After coming out, and dominating play for the first ten minutes, and really most of the first period, the Oilers just…went through the motions? i guess is the best way I can put it. I have a hard time really understanding what the players were thinking, in the third period especially. Looked like a team in preseason, not a playoff race…

There are a whack of great resources when it comes tot he draft, and if you’re an Oiler fan, you probably know most of them off by heart by now. The top of the draft is chalk full of talent, and most reports have this draft as the deepest since 2003. I would recommend Bob Mackenzie’s list as the gold standard. ISS, Redline Report, Cory Pronman, Blue Bullet, and Lowetide(Oiler specific) are also all great reads/resources when it comes to the draft.

The way its looking, the Oilers will finish somewhere close to a top ten pick in rankings, but with the shortened season, and new CBA, every one of the 14 no-playoff teams have a shot at the lucky no1 ball. I’m hoping the Oilers pick a center, but who know’s with this group…

I think the Oilers play tonight. Phoneix sounds right. I’m turning down my care meter. Might as well follow suit with the team…

Prediction: Oilers 1- Coyotes 3 

Looks exciting……ugh. Is it June yet?

Let’s go Oilers…



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