A Hurricane of Tears…

There are some things in sports, that really feel like victories, even when you have zero invested in it. Take last nights game between San Jose and Vancouver for example. I can only imagine how many people in western Canada jumped and cheered when Pavelski scored late in the third. In overtime, a boneheaded penalty leads to, you guessed it, the game winner scored by playoff choke artist, Pat Marleau. I get that the Sharks haven’t won anything. Haven’t eve made the finals.The Atlanta Braves of the 90’s were a force. One of the best teams in decades. Loaded with all-stars,and one of the most dominating starting rotations ever seen, the accumulated total of World Series in ten years? One. But no one really calls them chokers. If San Jose pulls one out, they all of a sudden become a model franchise, and a blueprint for other teams to follow. The organizations ability to remain competitive is really only surpassed by Detroit, who we all know is the gold standard in regards to franchise models. The core of this team is being taken over by younger players, and the veterans are actually veterans that can play. Their defence is solid and Annti Niemi is one of the most underrated goalies in the league. This years Kings?…..

Pittsburgh might have some tough questions this off season. Even if they advance, you have to wonder about having Marc-Andre Fleury as your goalie in the playoffs in the future. This guy is as unreliable as they come. Most of the goals he lets in, he puts in on himself. Would be very frustrating as a Pens fan. I hope they get bounced, and the hype machine loses a bit of steam….wishful thinking, I know….

So the bubble bursts for the Canadians, and not a moment too soon. I did not want to see a possibility of a Montreal/Toronto series. The media is unbearable as it is. Paul Maclean is the next Scotty Bowman. This guy played the Habs like a fiddle.Puppet master? Got that right…..

If the Rangers don’t make a serious push, I will officially be on the Lundquist is over-rated bandwagon. Can this guy finally break through? We all know your goalie has to be your best player, and this guy has the pedigree, but……where is it? Its time to shine Henrik.

Paging Rick Nash…..I know your used to golf this time of year, but pull your head out of your ass for a bit. Your in the playoffs! Wake up!

Whats the over/under for hits in the LA/StL series? 10,000? Holy crud those guys are pounding the crap out of each other. That’s some hard nosed hockey, boy…..

Sean Monahan is on the Oilers radar regarding the draft. Big, skilled center that’s praised for his two-way game? Checks off a lot of boxes on the wish list. Except, IMO, thinking he’s going to contribute next year is a pipe dream. We still need to figure out this Gagner affair, and even drafting Barkov won’t help immediately  Dealing the pick might be MacT’s only viable option to fill the hole. Draft nerds everywhere start lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks…..





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