Don’t worry, i know what I’m talking about…..

I don’t have a lot of time this weekend. Not only is it beautiful outside and the first long weekend of the year, but it is also my son’s third birthday. Busy, busy weekend. That being said,while watching the NHL Network this morning, I saw a couple things that made me a little to mad for such a nice day, so I figured I’d let some of the hate flow……

Raffi Torres was suspended for the remainder of the second round. What a crock of shit that is. I watched the hit as it happened on TV, and numerous times on replay, and it was simply the wrong call. If that was any other player, no suspension,or at worst, two games. And its times like these when I question having a player like Shanny was handing out suspensions. Has anyone watched some Shanahan clips on Youtube lately? Guy knew how to play like the guys he’s policing…..

The refs in the NHL are terrible. IMO, they are very close to reaching par with CFL refs, and that’s not goos at all. It seems to me, and I could be wrong (never happen), but the refs seem to have a home team in mind when making a lot of calls. I would not be surprised if at the end of the round, Chicago and LA both have more PP chances than SJ and Detroit. The NHL wouldn’t want to try and influence the finals for ratings, would they? I think they would, but serioisly doubt if they can compently pull it off….

The analysts on the NHL Network are horrible. No amount of adjectives can describe how terrible they are. Kelly Chase providing intelligent commentary? The guy can barely pull off a sentance with out stuttering. Why do people think we need ex-GMs and coaches telling us what they think? They were shitty at the actual job, got fired, and now are going to educate the masses about the game? Drives me crazy. Call me a sexist too, but I’m with Duncan Keith in my feeling towards female sports reporters. IMO, they’re there because they’re attractive, and the weather department was full…….

Have a good weekend boys and girls….

Don’t worry, i know what I’m talking about…..


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