The hype machine keeps on trucking…

Quickly, I would like to touch on the great NHL hype machine that is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sydney Crosby notched his second career playoff hat-trick last night. 12 points now in 8 games. Quietly, his teammate, Evgeny Malkin has 14 in 8. Voukun looks solid, and they have 6 legit defenceman. They seem to be gaining steam,and I’m not really liking the chances of whoever wins the Boston v New York series. GM Ray Shero saw an opening and went for it, and it looks like his moves are paying off. Funny how always being proactive about improving your team helps the on ice product, eh?

Either way, the NHL is loving it. The Penguins are the NHL favourite son and there is a good chance LA goes back for a repeat, or the Blackhawks storm to the Final, and that would make for some good ratings. I’m sure the league’s brass hasn’t informed the refs about that either……

If the Pens win it all, will Malkin snake the Conn Smythe from Sid again? Geno seems to be keeping pace in the race to fill the most trophy cases….

Team Canada has lost the shine. Remember how nobody wanted to be paired with Tiger on Sunday? That used to be Canada at international tournaments. No more. Because I’m an Oiler fan, I’ll say it was because Ruff didn’t play Hall enough……



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