Adios Ralph…

The Oilers have let Ralph Kruger go as the head coach of the Oilers. In a shockingly non-shocking move, the Oil will be starting next year with their 5th coach in 6 years. I get why he did it. It happens all the time when new GMs take over. However….

Some of it feels……rushed? Trigger happy? Like our GM is a raw rookie? I don’t know, really, but for some reason , it doesn’t sit right with me. Again, I understand why he did it, and appriciate the way MacT explains himself, and his reasons. I have no idea why, but the gut says some one got sewered. In the end, I really just care if the Oilers win, and if this helps, I’m on board.

Reports are flavour of the month Dallas Eakins is in. If true, and the sources citing this are pretty good, the Oilers are going to get a high tempo coach, which is fan-f*ckin-tastic for everyone involved. I did not want to see any of the other available coaches come here at all. Ruff, Tippet and Tortarella are all horrible fits style wise, and Vingeault shelters players too much, IMO. Eakins loves pressure and wants everyone moving, all the time. Love it. If he can line match, we’re gold, Jerry! Gold!

Tambellinni’s rebuild is over. MacTavish’s starts right now. If he has shown us anything yet, he is going to be as aggressive as he can be to try and get it done. The draft is going to be interesting, me thinks. I’ve already said I can’t wait to see the opening night roster, and I might reach fever pitch in early August the way things are going….

-We have to play the Final before the draft, and it looks like a beauty. Both conference finals looked that way to, and a sweep and 5 game series later, here we are. Both Boston and Chicago are rolling, with a great clash of styles and superstars. I’ll take the Bruin’s in 6. No wait, I want them to win. I should probably say Blackhawks in 5….. 



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