Draft Fever…

As we wait for the start of game two, Oilers fans can be found deep into draft lists, searching over for their next saviour. The draft will always be a special time for Oilers fans. We got our first looks at Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Nail Yakupov in Oiler colours there. We found out how it feels to be first in something, which, despite the merits of the accomplishment, felt pretty darn good. If you are going to suck, and believe me the Oilers sucked big time, getting players like those as a result eases the pain considerably. Now for the first time in three years, the Oilers don’t get to the podium first. I’m a little uneasy to begin with, because first of all, our scouts have a much tougher task picking at 7 than 1, and now, our GM comes in firing people, talking about ‘bold’moves and being impatient and all that jazz. WTF? The Oilers will have enough trouble if Nishishkin drops to them, let alone if the Radish trades the pick for a player and late first rounder (cough*Buffalo*cough). Should be some fun. Then again, they could go and take Darnell Nurse too. Nice pick, but doesn’t give me a reason to light these fireworks…..

If the Oilers keep the pick (smart move), I think they’ll take a center. There are just too many high-end ones in this top ten to pass on. Here’s my top ten….

1) J Drouin-LW

2) N MacKinnon-C

3) S Jones-D

4) S Barkov-C

5) E Lindholm-C

6) V Nichushkin-LW

7) S Monahan-C

8) D Nurse-D

9) R Ristolainen-D

10) B Horvat-D

Now, this probably looks nothing like a credible draft list. I have said before, the jobs that scouts do is incredible. The amount of work and effort to actually do this job properly is just astronomical. I mean, how do you tell some of these kids apart on the ice? How do you project them, and what they will be in five years? Tough gig. My list is based on the limited stuff I have read. My live viewings of any of these players should be stricken from the record,and thanks to the Rexall Heroin Beers, it usually is. I did get to a couple of Oil Kings games, including the first round clincher against the Hat (OT WIN BABY!), but, small sample size and all….

Given my list, I still don’t see Monahan on the board at 7. The Oilers would love him, but so would Calgary. Nyuk, nyuk….Lindholm is a name I could see slipping a bit, and I would love to add him. My worry is if the guy the Oilers are targeting isn’t there, they trade down. If they target Monahan, and he’s gone by 7, maybe the Oil call Buffalo, offer the 7th for Sekara+21? They get a legit top 4 dman, and a late first. MacT was very clear he has numerous kids he really likes in the first round range, so I take that as a tell he would be okay with doing something like that. I am getting very jacked up for this draft….

The NHL is a funny league. Why exactly there was a two day break between the first two games and not the split, is beyond me. Now after one of the best series openers in recent memory, fans have to wait what feels like weeks for game two. Thanks Gary. This guy must have been a dealer in university, because he sure knows how to tweak the interest level and get a guy jonesing for his product…..

I`ll take fifty worth….



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