Much Ado About Nothing….

Well, the draft has come and gone. The Oilers kept their first round pick, and with it selected big defenceman, Darnell Nurse. I have to say, I was salivating at the chance to get Valeri Nichuskin. I wanted to see a line with him,and Yakupov, real bad. Heck, if the Oil could have drafted him, and traded for Anisimov and Tyutin from Columbus, we would have had our “Russian 5” and have been following the old school Detroit model. Alas, not to be. I am not disappointed in the Nurse selection at all, however. If you’re not sure about him,go look up some high lite clips on Youtube. Kid is fast, closes gaps and works the stick well, smooth skater, and plays the body. He is very lean, but it doesn’t seem to affect him in junior. A couple years, and this kid fills out a bit? Oh boy….

The reportedly active MacTavish managed to pull off some trades, just not the ones Oil fans were hoping for. None of us regular joes have any insider info on teams draft lists, and I would wager any info you get is tainted anyway. When I see a GM make a deal like MacT did with #37, I would think whoever they had targeted with that pick was gone. Which player it was, I’ll never know, but I have a feeling it was Fucale. Then again, they left Eric Comrie sitting, so who knows. Either way, MacT got 3 picks for 1, and while the draft is like a lottery, and more tickets mean more chances to win, I think they left too much talent on the board. The Oilers have had no success in the second round for a number of years, IMO, and its starting to show in the lack of organizational depth. The spots Pitlick and Hamilton are taking should be ready for action now. Three, four years of seasoning, and the Oilers still have to go out and find bottom six players, that they could have filled via the draft. Look at Chicago and learn…..

The suicide hot-lines in E-Town must be jammed still with all the fans hopping off the bandwagon. Some of the hate MacT is getting is partly his fault for talking a big game and not delivering, but wow, are some Oiler fans touchy. It’s one day people. MacTavish has lots of time to gut this team. While the Oilers have some of the best/smartest fans out there, we also have some of the worst/dumbest. Guess it goes both ways…..

Not sure why people question drafting so many dman? In today’s game, defensive depth is really a huge factor. One or two regulars go down to injury, and if you have nothing to plug in there, you’re basically screwed. Pittsburgh has been drafting dman for the last few years, the Islanders went eight straight picks with D, and Buffalo used two high first round picks on defenceman. Seems like the one place you want to be overstocked is D. The Oilers seem to have picked up on that. The cupboard is getting full….

The more I think about it, the more I want Horcoff gone. He was a decent player. But he was a terrible leader and horrible captain. There have been nothing but rumours of dressing room troubles in his tenure, and he basically admitted himself, he didn’t accept his role. Anything he’s ever done on the ice has not been able to justify that contract and attitude. “But the Oil aren’t in cap trouble. He’s serviceable.” Bullshit. You could find three players at that cost to do what he did. He’s serviceable like Ryan Poultuny serviceable? Bye Shawn. I’ll try and remember you for your face block in ’06.

Next big day for hockey fans? Only four short days till July 5 and free agency. Let the fishing begin…..Let’s hope MacT has a boat load of bait and beer….


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